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Now i want to know if you can give me some pics that look similar to what you can see live. The targets that I want Telescope: 10 inch (254 mm) Dobsonian SkywatcherCamera: Canon EOS Rebel T6Exposure: 1.0 sISO: 6400Apparent magnitude (V): 3.44The Andromeda Galaxy, also know A single 8th-magnitude star dots the galaxy's southern rim. With effort, I can discern the slightly brighter central bulge. Unlike Andromeda, M33 has a small nucleus and far fewer stars — 40 million vs.

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The model 8" is certainly more portable. I seriously don't consider bringing the 12 inch model when by myself. 8-inch telescopes are usually considered the best choice because they offer a compromise between their power and portability. However, a 10-inch telescope will provide you with much more power that ensures a much better view.


As to the technical specs of the telescope itself, the aperture is everything as it determines the telescope’s light-gathering ability – an 8-inch telescope will typically be able to observe a lunar crater that is half as large as a lunar crater visible to a 4-inch telescope. Also, the 8-inch will also gather four times as much light as the Here is a Hubble Space Telescope image of M31.I have added pointers, to show what you can reasonably expect to see in almost any telescope, under good conditions. Just remember, you won't see anything like this Hubble image - you'll see tones of gray on a much smaller scale, although some people do see a warm glow coming from Andromeda.

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1, surround. 1, compressed. 1, 70.9 1, telescope. 1, embody 1, andromeda.rutgers.edu. 1, efficiency 3, 1r1mr8. 3, mackie. 3, inch.

Andromeda 8 inch telescope

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Andromeda 8 inch telescope

Will's recommendation for Manufacturers: At this size telescope you really have some nice choices.

- One 8x10 inches. - One 11x14 inches.
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